VISION is a powerful Management Information Platform bringing all your business ‘views’ and ‘controls’ under one roof. VISION’s Modules and Dashboards link together seamlessly so you can manage customer contacts, deal with suppliers, plan sales activity, send emails sync’d with Outlook, track email marketing campaigns, raise quotes, send invoices, run large scale projects and even manage quality across the whole organisation.

VISION’s automated workflows and task management minimises time spent on non-value added tasks across all departments, ensuring every employee is focused on adding value, maximising their contribution to your business each and every day.

VISION integrates with the rest of your business, pulling and posting data to your back office systems and front end websites. VISION allows you to look at ALL your business data in one place.

Increase productivity, reduce costs, make better decisions

VISION’s powerful reporting dashboards and data warehouse module allows you to easily set department targets, measure performance, generate management reports ‘on the fly’ and charts in real-time.

VISION means no more chasing information from multiple sources, in time for those dreaded monthly reports.

VISION will reduce costs through the automation of time-consuming processes such as data extraction and report generation.

VISION can be windows or Web based, or even a hybrid of the two, giving you access to the vital data on the move.

  • Reduce Costs by automating non-value added activity across your whole business
  • Improve performance by spending more of your time generating business
  • Make better decisions with real-time customisable dashboard reporting

Business Information at your fingertips

105 average emails a day
28% time spent using email a day


  • No more separate spreadsheets and multiple versions of the truth
  • All data can be viewed, manipulated and managed inside VISION
  • Exportable into any required format
  • No more generating charts and endless hours of presentation writing
  • All Charts showing your results and performance against KPIs can be generated in VISION
  • All reports generated ‘on the fly’, in real-time, in your presentation format


Key Features

VISION is fully developed and supported in-house so there are no licence fees and no user fees. Its standard suite of modules can be customised according to your business needs or we can create bespoke modules built to automate your unique processes and deliver your outputs.

Usable and Familiar

Built on Microsoft Technology, VISION is familiar and easy to navigate.

Customisable Modules

Suite of customisable modules, you only pay for what you need.

Customisable Dashboards

Results and performance against KPIs generated on-the-fly.


Customer, Contact & Supplier Management

Sales, Purchasing & Financial Management

Telemarketing & Task Management

Time Sheet & Help Desk Management

Membership & Event Management

Project & Quality Management

Real-time Reporting

VISION will deliver your business data in real-time at the touch of a button.

Third party integration

Syncs with Outlook, integrates with back end systems and front end website.

Extractable data

Search, sort, manipulate and export data in your chosen format at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits

1. Reduce Costs

VISION reduces costs through the automation of administrative processes across all areas of your organisation. With easy access to customers, suppliers, projects, timesheets and tasks

2. Improve Performance

VISION improves the speed and response of your customer service teams, your internal project management promoting customer retention and improving overall business performance

3. Make Better Decisions

VISION provides Business Leaders with valuable data at the touch of a button, either exportable or presented as customised reports or presentations giving decision makers more time to make the right decisions

View video

To experience how user-friendly and familiar VISION actually is, view the video walk-through. Built on Microsoft technology, VISION feels like you’ve been using it for ever, with intuitively file, search and export functionality. If you like what you see contact our sales team today to arrange a VISION demo.

VISION Screenshots

See how VISION module conform to a familiar and usable format that we all know and love. Simply click on the screenshots below.


Post project support is the most important part of any VISION project as it’s the deployment and roll out that will drive user adoption and therefore deliver return on investment.

Deploying your version of VISION
  • Full User Acceptance testing and on-site training including ‘train the trainer’
  • Production of user guides for each department / individual
Ongoing support for the first three months…
VISION support criteria:
  • VISION was installed by a technical representative from PSP IT Ltd.
  • Support hours for VISION are provided from 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • The support query concerns an error with the product or user-entered data.
  • Additional developments or customisations are not covered by product support and such requests are a dealt with as chargeable projects.


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